The mission of Merrimac Football Club is to strive for excellence both on and off the field.  Whether you have dreams of becoming the next Ronaldo, Messi or Tim Cahill, it is our mission to develop each and every player to reach their maximum potential as a player and as a person.  Merrimac Football Club welcomes all children of all playing abilities into a safe, engaging and progressive environment.


We are firm believers in the long-term player development model and ensure we do our best at placing every player in the right environment for their current stage of development.  Every child unlocks their gift at different stages of their development, so it is essential that we recognise the needs of the individual within our team programs.  


At Merrimac Football Club, our teams are coached by our professional coaching staff who will keep your child’s football experience fun, enjoyable, and help foster a desire to play. Our emphasis is on individual confidence with the ball, technical development, and placing the kids in a competitive environment to expose them to all the components of the game. Our goal is to form young players into talented football players.


Short Term

Technical:  Develop confident, competent players with a reliable and diverse technical foundation

Psychological:  Develop character through an emphasis on brand values and identities

Physical:  Improve players physical attributes by researching, testing and our supporting networks


Long Term

  • Providing players, the best chance with our ability as Coaches of reaching goals and dreams of becoming a Professional Footballer

  • Creating a mature footballer on and off the field


We believe as educators that athletes of all ages need to incorporate all four core skills in their progress of development and Football maturity.

TechniqueBall control, Dribbling Skills, Passing Accuracy, Body Control

Game Intelligence - Spatial Awareness, Tactical Knowledge, Risk Assessment

Physical Fitness - Endurance, Balance and Coordination, Speed, Strength and Power

Proper Mindset - Compassion, Composure and Mental Strength, Coach-Ability, Self-Motivation

Football is only getting quicker and the emphasis of a high tempo game is consistently evolving. Through developing these four core skills we will try to integrate Perception, Decision, Execution (PDE) creating an environment of growth and maturity.

Merrimac Football Club wants to create a professional and safe environment where children can come and learn from ex-pro footballers who are highly motivated and qualified at various levels having played both Nationally and Internationally. Although it is our goal to promote and develop the traits that professional players have, we must first recognise that this is our duty and responsibility to develop well rounded young football players.


Each player is to adhere to the following requirements set out by Merrimac Football Club:​

Desire - the desire to learn, develop, progress and achieve

Dedication - be dedicated to the tasks and targets that they are set

Standards - to maintain high professional standards on and off the pitch

Attitude - to possess a can do attitude to everything they are challenged with

Respectto peers, opposition, coaches and all interactions with people