This program was started to provide an opportunity for kids of all ages to play and have fun, kids that would struggle to play with other players/teams due to their additional needs.


Throughout our All Abilities Program, we aim to provide a sport that all children with needs are able to participate and enjoy whilst obtaining many of the benefits of being part of a team, including structure, following certain rules, learning, sharing and celebrating with teammates.


Our All Abilities soccer program focuses on an individual’s ability NOT disability.  Each session delivered is specified to meet the need of each individual.  If you would like to find out more about our All Abilities program or you would like to come down and see what we do, please contact us at  We operate on the basis of giving two trial sessions before we ask you to commit, this enables you to make sure that your child is enjoying the sessions.

“Merrimac Football Club has been life changing for my son Sonny.  Chris and his team are the most amazing people and offer something you just can't get anywhere else. Before we found Merrimac FC, Sonny had tried a number of sporting activities but his interest would only last for 10 -15 minutes.  We have now been with Merrimac Football Club for over 18 months, with Sonny attending hourly sessions twice a week.  


Merrimac Football Club has supported Sonny to become healthier, happier and overall more responsive! Thank you so much Chris, Erin and all the team at Merrimac Football Club”

Sonya - Sonny's Mum